AniChe Cellars

A boutique family owned winery in the Columbia Gorge

Award Winning Wines

Our team of three women winemakers focus on vintage and terroir, all beholden to an exploration of uniqueness.

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Family Owned and Operated

Named after the the head winemaker’s children, AniChe Cellars has been powered by the hard work of friends and family.

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Come for a taste

Find us on our tiny mountain and enjoy some of the best wines the Columbia Gorge offers.
Tastings are by reservation only.

Pristine views in the Columbia Gorge

Come during a clear day and enjoy our awe inspiring vista!

A wine club worth traveling for

If you feel at home in our tiny abode, then our wine club is for you! With bustling pick up parties, industry leading discounts and free wine tasting for you and friends.

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71 Little Buck Creek Road,

Underwood, WA 98651


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(360) 624-6531

Wednesday - Sunday