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Geek Out With Rachael. An Homage to Growers

An Homage to Growers I had a long conversation with one of our vineyard managers last night that bordered on reverie. Andrew Shultz is the viticulturists at Hattrup Farms which…


Geek Out With Rachael. Tannin: It’s All In The Balance

It’s all in the balance… We just got back from a Wine Technology Group seminar on Tannin yesterday. All three of us ladies were treated to a full day of…


Geek Out with Talia – Franken Wine

There are many different ways to make wine. No one way is right or wrong. For instance, many winemakers choose to use gelatin, egg white, or isinglass (fish bladder) during the wine making process for fining of the wines…


Geek Out With Rachael – Rosé

I find that rosé’s are white wines for red wine drinkers. They offer less cloying qualities than most white wines, especially when they are not too phenolically extracted. They can be sweet or dry. And most compellingly, they are served cold!

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Geek Out With Rachael – Pyrazines

I am writing to you fresh from the famous Unified Wine Symposium held in Sacramento CA with more than a few bees in my bonnet! Although I can write about…

Food Pairing

Geek Out With Rachael – Food Pairing

Geek out with Rachael Food Pairings…again! This time of year I get many emails and questions about appropriate food pairings for special holiday meals or gatherings. I am an advocate…


Geek Out With Rachael – Zombie Wine!

Headache from Zombie-wine?   I have had the good fortune to hear from many of you that our wines do not give you headaches, while many other wines cause pain….


Geek Out With Rachael – Oak

I recently placed my order for new oak barrels. OUCH! This can be a painful and arduous process, especially under budget constraints and a recent change in cooperages. However, my…


Geek Out With Rachael – Veraison

Veraison is the point at which grapes begin to ripen, usually 50 to 60 days after bud break. This event is signified by engustment, or the color changes from green to the color of the fruit near harvest. The pips are green and hard during a lag phase that precedes veraison, but begin to soften and enlarge at the onset of veraison.

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Geek Out With Rachael – Why Blends?

“Do you have a Cab?” demands the well heeled man, with the confidence of someone who knows and expects only the best. “I have Cab in a Bordeaux style blend”,…